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(203061) Best Safety Practices for Hydraulic Cylinders

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AUTHOR:  Rory S. McLaren

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Best Safety Practices for Hydraulic Cylinders

"On more occasions than I can count, I have done things that could have injured or killed me, and or others, while working on hydraulic systems - I have been very lucky."

This a quote from a student that recently attended one of Rory’s hydraulic safety training workshops.

 During Rory’s lengthy career as a teacher and author, he has been an outspoken advocate for hydraulic safety. As an incident investigator, he has seen first-hand, what happens when untrained mechanics and design engineers make unforeseen errors that light the fuse for an incident that causes people to suffer severe injury and death.

 Best Safety Practices for Hydraulic Cylinders is the first in a series of books Rory is writing about hydraulic safety. With forty separate incidents involving hydraulic cylinders in which workers were either injured or killed, this book is a must-read for mechanics, design engineers, safety supervisors, maintenance supervisors, cylinder rebuild technicians, and hydraulics instructors.

 The contents of this book are also available as a PowerPoint safety presentation, with each incident organized into a separate safety topic.

This book's contents will also become available as an online safety training course at Rory's online Fluid Power Academy - www.fluidpoweracademy.com 

 Purchase your pre-release copy now at the Fluid Power Academy. 

 Topics include:

  • Types and applications of hydraulic cylinders.
  • How various types of cylinders work.
  • Load-holding devices.
  • Safety with hydraulic cylinders, explained with examples of incidents in which cylinders caused a person to suffer a near-hit, severe injury, or death.

 Each of the forty incidents is presented uniquely:

  • Who will benefit from reading the incident, e.g., mechanics and engineers, supervisors, instructors, etc.
  • Detailed explanation of the incident with brilliant, full-color illustrations.
  • Mechanism of failure presented with detailed drawings.
  • Factors that contributed to the incident.
  • A checklist of the breakdown of communication that led to the incident.

Finally, each incident has a Best Safety Practices protocol for each entity involved in the safety process, e.g., mechanics, engineers, maintenance supervisors, safety supervisors, etc.

For simplicity, each entities' best practices recommendations have a specific background color. For example, if the best safety practices are aimed at safety supervisors, they need only read the best practices with the blue backgrounds. Mechanics, for example, read the best practices with the orange backgrounds.

 The information in this book WILL prevent incidents and save lives. If you are involved in hydraulics, it is your duty-of-care to read it.


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