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Fluid Power Academy

PH Section 01 - Safety ( with the Lethal Strike)

PH Section 01 - Safety ( with the Lethal Strike)

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This course is aimed at teaching everyone from students and professionals to medical personnel with regards to every aspect of working safely with hydraulics and what to do in the event of injury.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • What to do in the case of a workplace injury.
  • What to do if a co-worker suffers an injury.
  • How to create a safety plan for your company.
  • Working with grease guns to complex hydraulic systems in all environments dealing with pressurized liquids.
  • Teaching managers and safety personnel on how to respond to different situations.
  • Common situations and how to properly and safely respond to them.


Students will learn:

  • How to safely avoid injury in common workplace situations.
  • How workplace injuries typically occur.
  • How to identify an injection injury.
  • What urgent action to take should they suffer a substance injection injury.
  • What will likely happen if a substance injection injury is not attended to immediately.

Supervisors will learn:

  • How to recognize situations that might cause an employee to suffer an injury.
  • What action to take if an employee suffers a substance injection injury.
  • Why it is important that employees receive safety training in high-pressure systems.

 Medical professionals and EMT’s will learn:

  • How to respond to a substance injection injury emergency.
  • What steps to take when treating a victim of a substance injection injury.
  • The extent to which a substance injection injury can damage the hand.

 Safety personnel will learn:

  • Why it is vital that employees receive safety training in high-pressure systems to avoid injuries.
  • How to identify employees that are most susceptible to injuries.
  • How to compose best practices for managing injuries.
  • Why it is vital to determine if the local clinic/hospital is competent to handle a substance injection injury, and also to enquire about the availability of an orthopedic hand surgeon that can perform surgery if necessary.


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