About us

Fluid Power Academy is an offshoot of the Fluid Power Training Institute [FPTI].

 Our team of professional educators are skilled practitioners in Fluid Power Technology.

The intention of our e-learning program is to provide individuals worldwide who cannot attend college for whatever reason, the opportunity to learn about fluid power technology and to build a career in any number of burgeoning industries.  Enrollment of trainees, subsidized by their employer, with time constraints to attend vocational school, are ideal candidates for e-learning.

According to Founder and Director of FPTI, Rory McLaren, there is a global shortage of skilled fluid power technicians, “I believe the virtual Fluid Power Academy will provide the type of education people need to help them earn good paying jobs.”

 Our online courses are at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The Academy keeps abreast with technological developments across all relevant industries within a global spectrum to ensure our course content remains current. The learning method is self-paced and fully supported by way of tutorials and video demonstration.

 Synergy e-learning helps trainees develop a springboard from which to launch a career within a broad range of industries, including construction, agriculture, aerospace, renewable energy, transportation, forestry, mining, and manufacturing, amongst others. It also helps to precisely match job and career requirements, and develop core skills to evolve into more specialist areas. Our mission is to advance proficiency through education and certification.